Mezzosoprano Rita Fernández has performed in Italy, The Netherlands, Austria, France and Spain. She has recently been awarded the third prize in the International Nina Solo Competition (Norway, 2022). Rita has done several recordings in Spain and abroad, and has presented a TEDx talk on opera. She is a regular soloist at the Saint Martin’s Cathedral (Utrecht, NL, conductor: Remco de Graas). She has also worked with other mayor players in the baroque scene, such as Gabriel Garrido (Marchesato Opera Festival, Saluzzo, Italy, 2019), or Castelo Consort (2022). The mezzo also has Lied duo with pianist Gulmira Issabekova. For the 2023/2024 season, she will be joining the opera company The Fat Lady (director: Tamir Chasson, NL).

Rita holds a degree on Business Administration at IE, speaks six languages, and has placed twice second of Madrid of chess. After having studied with Claire Lefilliâtre and Rita Dams, she is currently under the guidance of Catrin Wyn-Davies at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. Rita is also a voice and piano teacher at YMCA Scheveningen.